These overnight hacks give new meaning to “beauty sleep”

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

What you do for your skin and hair at night is just as important as your daytime routine.

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She shows how to expand your bedtime routine past the mere basics. Take your beauty sleep to the next level with these amazing hacks.


Apply aloe vera gel to the ends of your hair and put it in a loose braid before bed. This will prevent breakage and split ends, so your hair stays healthy and shiny.

Hands & Feet

Rub coconut or olive oil on your feet and hand before bed. This extra hydration will keep your cuticles and heels in great shape.


Paying special attention to your eyelashes and eyebrows before bed can help them grow thicker and longer while you sleep. Of course, it takes time to see results, but she suggests a nightly routine of castor oil on your brows and lashes.  Try putting sweet almond oil under your eyes to prevent dark circles.

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With these tips in hand you’re ready for some serious beauty sleep.

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