Tyra Banks has a new daytime television show called “The Fab Life.” It is the “cure for the common lifestyle,” and as I caught a segment this week about sunless tanners called “Hack or Quack,” my interest was piqued. All-natural and do-it-yourself?  I’m sold!

Just mix coconut oil and cocoa powder into a paste and dab a little on your skin.  Smooth and rub into your skin and voilà, you have that glow that looks like you sat outside for a few hours.

That’s right — coconut oil and cocoa powder!  I was skeptical too, but after seeing the results, I’m definitely trying it out.

Watch the video to see this amazing DIY self-tanner at work.

Do you have any favorite self-tanners?  Share the love below!

Michelle Lancaster About the author:
Michelle Lancaster is a wife and mother fitness enthusiast who recently traded in her corporate career to return to school and become a Personal Trainer. Follow her on twitter @CyFitFreedom.
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