This one product can transform every part of your makeup routine

Everyone from celebrity makeup artists to teen beauty bloggers are obsessed with this stuff.

If you haven?t added translucent setting powder to your makeup routine, your life is about to change. The white powder can be used to make every step of your routine better, from setting your concealer to making your lipstick matte. It also reflects light in a different way to hide fine lines and can be used as dry shampoo. See, it really can do it all.

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Use these tips to get the most of your new favorite powder:

Apply powder to your lashes before you put on mascara. This will help them look thicker.

Apply it to your heels before putting on new shoes to prevent blisters.

If you spill oil on your clothes, apply a little powder and let it sit overnight. The powder will absorb the oil and you can shake it right off.

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It can even fix makeup mistakes. For example, if you applied too much blush, brush on a little translucent over the top to fade the excess color.

It?s better than baby powder as a dry shampoo because it doesn?t leave white residue in dark hair.

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