Use this hack for curls that last all day YouTube screenshot

It can be so depressing to look down at your limp hair only an hour after you’ve finished the laborious task of curling it.

If you have stubborn hair, you know how hard it can be to get curls to last longer than a couple of hours. But the technique in this video promises to help your curls last all day.

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Watch and see how it’s done. This video shows specifically how one woman curls her hair to create a certain shape. Then she shares the trick.

After each section of hair is curled, rewind it and bobby-pin it to your head so it can cool in the shape of a curl. After every section has been pinned, hairspray all the hair while it is still up. Let the whole thing cool for 20-25 minutes. Remove all the bobby pins, mist everything again with hairspray, and you’ve got curls that will last all day and night.

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