We finally found the secret to stop makeup from getting all over your phone YouTube screenshot

It?s so annoying when you get off the phone and the screen is covered with makeup. Not to mention that the makeup you spent precious time getting just right has now rubbed off.

Thanks to YouTuber Wayne Goss, we?ve finally found the solution.

The secret is in the technique, not the product. So it?s not about the difference between drugstore and luxury products. It?s about how you apply them.

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He shares all the secrets, but it really comes down to these three things:

  • Blend the makeup really well, so it can actually sink into your pores.
  • After you?re done applying the foundation, blot off excess oil with a tissue.
  • When you use powder to set the foundation, spend a long time really pressing it into your skin.

The tactic is to get the makeup to bond with your skin cells so it won?t rub off as easily. Watch to see exactly how it?s done.

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