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(Flickr / Robert Jones)

It’s no secret that high heat is terrible for our hair, but how else are we going to get that sleek, straight look?

There’s a way to flat iron our hair with minimal damage. Unfortunately, there are far more ways to fry it.

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Here are five ways you may be harming your hair while straightening — and how to avoid them.

1. Prep

Before applying a high heat, or even before blow drying, you need to prepare your hair.

Look for leave-in products with argan oil and keratin. Both ingredients will help strengthen your strands and prevent heat-induced breakage.

2. Cool down

The hottest heat isn’t always best. In fact, unless your hair is abnormally thick or coarse, a low or medium setting on your flatiron is better.

And don’t leave the iron on one section of hair for too long. Remember this viral video? Let it be a lesson to you.

3. Be patient

Yes, you shouldn’t apply heat to soaking wet hair. But if your tresses are bone dry, that’s not good either — according to POPSUGAR, heating dry hair can suck out all the moisture.

Instead, only use a blow dryer on hair that’s about three-quarters of the way dry.

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4. Move in the right direction

Make sure you’re aiming your blow dryer at your head in a downward angle. Drying the hair straight on is what causes it to frizz.

5. Wait to spray

Don’t use hairspray before applying heat. In extreme cases, it can break off the hair.

Wait until you’re done styling to finish the look with spray.


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