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Mom loves nothing more than a handmade gift from her kids.

And incorporating sweet, sentimental messages and love notes to Mom really takes a homemade gift to the next level. The extra creativity and loving words will definitely warm Mom’s heart. Plus, she can keep these treasures nearby to cherish them all year long.

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Fortune teller

Nicole Hill Gerulat / Real Simple

Kids love to make these fun paper fortune tellers that combine a craft with a game. Instead of writing fortunes, make one for Mom filled with all the things you love about her. She will love spending time playing the game just to find another sweet thing you’ve written about her. This great idea comes from Real Simple.

Custom cookbook

Ginnerobot / Flickr
Ginnerobot / Flickr

This is a gift Mom will treasure forever — a custom cookbook with all her favorite recipes. Including those family treats passed down from generation to generation in this gorgeous book will definitely make her heart smile. Order one from Blurb or make it at home on your computer. Hint: Use PowerPoint slides to design each page and print them full size if you don’t have a publishing program.

Scavenger hunt

Carissa Miss

Make Mom search for her gift with a scavenger hunt, creating a morning of good fun. Creative clues will have her laughing for hours as she wanders around the house looking for the next stop. Carissa Miss shows you exactly how to set it up.

Family tree art

Homemade by Jill

Mom will cherish the reminder of her amazing family whenever she looks at this cute family tree art. It’s actually made on an old platter or tray, so you don’t have to worry about finding a frame. Use your fingerprint to make the leaves on the tree, which will make it even more personal, or cut and glue like Homemade by Jill did.

Deck of love notes


Tell Mom 52 reasons why you love her with this deck of cards. Simply attach a sweet reason or a memory to each card. Not only will she love the time and creativity of this gift on Mother’s Day, but she can enjoy flipping through them every day of the year. See exactly how to make it and get an easy template from Ziploc.

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