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When Christmas came around, there were two rules for many kids. Don’t touch the presents under the tree, and don’t touch the bubble lights! Before there were pre-lit LED lights on Christmas trees, bubble light sets were the Christmas lights everyone’s grandmother had on their tree. I know you remember those green wires and bubbling lights you weren’t allowed to touch.

If you’re dreaming of a retro or vintage Christmas, here’s your chance to add Christmas bubble lights to your Christmas tree. Noma Bubble Lites are available on Amazon. There are no better Christmas decorations than the homemade Christmas ornaments you made for your parents back in kindergarten, but holiday bubble lights sure do come close.

Are Bubble Lights Dangerous?

According to, bubble lights contain methylene chloride that can cause poisoning if inhaled or spilled on the skin. Kids are known for breaking ornaments, so this can be an extremely dangerous decoration to keep in households with children.

Since kids can see the light moving inside the lights, they typically become curious and try to touch them. Not only can they be poisonous, but they also a fire hazard. Christmas tree fires do happen, and Christmas tree lights are often the cause of them. To prevent your lights from overheating, simply turn them off each night.

I know you might be thinking, “I had these growing up. Kids are just delicate these days.” Yeah, well hopefully these lights stay out of reach. You wouldn’t want kids or pets being harmed by Vintage Noma lites.

How Do Bubble Lights Work?

Once bubble lights are plugged in, the heat begins to boil the liquid inside of the bulb. (This causes bubbles.)

Noma Bubble Lite Set

Noma Bubble Lites

You can get a bubble set of seven Noma Christmas lights just in time for Christmas. I bet your siblings will get a kick out of seeing these bubble lights on your tree. They’re the perfect holiday decor to spark a conversation about the good ol’ days! Isn’t that what the holiday season is all about? Make a statement that some things never change with these multi-color traditional bubble lights.


Keep in mind, Noma electric lights are intended for indoor use, but be sure not to let children touch them. If you’re worried that kids will break them, consider LED lights or battery operated rope lights.

Amazon has fantastic Christmas lights, all the way from warm white LED lights, colorful mini lights, fairy lights, icicle lights and more.

Christmas Lighting 

1. Retro Bubble Light Center Piece

Retro Bubble Light Center Piece

Keep the vintage Christmas spirit alive with a bubble light centerpiece for Xmas dinner.

2. Replacement Bubble Lights

Replacement Bubble Lights

If a light goes out, no worries. Grab a set of replacement light bulbs.

3. Kurt Adler Jolly Santa Bubble Light Tabletop Decoration

Kurt Adler Jolly Santa Bubble Light Tabletop Decoration

Is it even Christmas without a Santa decoration?

4. Novelty Lights, Inc. Bubble-NL Traditional Bubble Night Light

Novelty Lights, Inc. Bubble-NL Traditional Bubble Night Light

Decorate the house with bubble lights! Simply plug in the holiday light and enjoy it anywhere in your home.


While many would agree these lights can be a fire hazard, some continue to use them anyway. Be careful with them!

For more indoor Christmas lights, Christmas collectibles, Christmas decor and outdoor lighting, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on November 20, 2019.

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