Budweiser Is Offering Free Beer If You’re Vaccinated!

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s been a long, painful pandemic year. So you deserve a beer. In fact, you deserve a free beer — if you’re vaccinated. And Budweiser agrees. The company is offering a free round of beer for anyone, over the age of 21, who can prove they’ve been vaccinated.

A Beer on Bud

The Budweiser promotion lasts until May 16, or until 10,000 people have claimed their free beer. So get on it quick! Signing up is easy. Just check out abeeronbud.com, make an account, and then upload some proof of vaccination. You don’t even need a picture of your official vaccination card. Budweiser is asking for photos of the “I got vaccinated” sticker — you know, the vaccination stickers that have been plastered all over social media — a picture of the special vaccine band-aid, or a selfie at your COBID-19 vaccination location. Easy! After all, who didn’t immediately snap that obligatory post-shot selfie?

Once your proof is confirmed, the beer brand will email you a $5.00 virtual debit card which can be redeemed for a single Budweiser beer, well, just about anywhere. The dive bar by my house does 30 oz. Buds for five bucks, so you know that’s where I’m going to cash out on this freebie.

Unfortunately, residents of Alabama, California, and Texas are not eligible. But the rest of you might as well get in on this fun giveaway. Time for all Moderna and Pfizer people to reunite over an ice-cold beer.

The promotion by Anheuser-Busch comes with the revival of Budweiser’s classic ad campaign which sees the joyous reunion between puppies the iconic Clydesdales. In lieu of the typical Superbowl commercial this year, Budweiser opted to delay their beloved Clydesdale ad — and save the money for all of our free beers. (They also donated millioned to Covid-19 vaccine awareness efforts.) But now that adorable footage is finally available. Watch below.

Reunited with Buds!


Other Vaccine Promotions

Krispy Kreme made headlines back in March for their pledge to offer a free doughnut — every single day in 2021 — if you show your vaccination card. Additionally, many companies are incentivizing employees to get vaccinated. AT&T, Target, Trader Joe’s, McDonald’s, Dollar General, AutoZone, Kroger, Publix, and more have reportedly offered time off and/or extra money to those who get vaccinated.

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