Burger King is Releasing a New Ghost Pepper Whopper

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Some nutritionists might tell you the best kind of Whopper is the kind you can’t see, smell or eat.

But that’s not the idea behind Burger King’s new Ghost Whopper, which is as big and bad and the normal version. The difference being, of course, that it is covered in Ghost Pepper cheese.

And just in time for Halloween.

This edition features more than just the new cheese, actually. It also with spicy queso sauce, jalapenos, and bacon, and oh yeah, orange-colored buns.

All of it makes you think an ensuing trip to the bathroom may be downright spooky. But hey, at least you’d get to have some frightening fun first.

New Ghost Pepper Whopper Coming to Burger King

In case you’re wondering, the Ghost Pepper Whopper will be available nationwide on Oct. 13. Some locations will even break out as soon as Oct. 10.

So far, there’s been no reports of the price. A normal Whopper with normal cheese (and no jalapenos or bacon) usually falls in the $4.20 range (or $6.20 for a full Whopper meal).

We can safely assume this hot addition will cost about the same. It’s also safe to assume that BK is going the extra mile with its new “Reclaim the Flame” slogan, as it looks to light a fire under sales.

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