Cher Stuns Runway Crowds in Sexy Latex Bodysuit

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Videos by Rare

Cher is the definition of a diva: fabulous and ageless. Currently 76, Cher is still as cool — and hot — as she was in the ’70s! She proved it at Paris fashion week, strutting the Balmain runway in a latex bodysuit.

Cher Steals the Show

Balmain delivered the best fashion week exhibition the moment Cher herself appeared to close out the show. Donning a catsuit for the catwalk — appropriate — the star showed off her impressive body, along with the angular designs of Balmain’s hotshot director Olivier Rousteing.

The skin-tight bodysuit, made of latex and spandex, accentuated Cher’s cut figure, complemented by black platform booties. Her face, too, looked radiant, framed by her waterfall of wavy black tresses. She was grinning ear-to-ear by the time that Rousteing joined her on-stage.

Cher and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing via Yahoo! via Getty

But Cher’s cameo was not the only unusual aspect of the Balmain show. Seating nearly 8,000 onlookers in Paris’ Stade Jean-Bouin stadium, the event had swelled to the size of spectacle. Unlike most fashion week shows, which are small and swanky affairs, the luxury streetwear brand aimed to open the scene, even providing snacks to the audience.

That type of fashion democracy is a tenet of Rousteing’s success and, quickly, this 2023 showcase was hailed as a great triumph. Models flaunted more that 100 different looks, a massive output for any line, which featured futuristic piece on par with Cher’s own sexy one-piece.

In classic Cher fashion, the pop star relayed the whole experience on Twitter in her unique, frenetic internet-speak. “STAGE WAS CALL ME/ cher…..oh cher….come/Home….I HEAR YOU,” she wrote. The chaotic post reads lines of poetry… inspiration for a new song, perhaps!

Cher’s Best Fashion Moments

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