The Tiny Ghost Town of Cleator, Arizona Can Be Yours for $1.25 Million


If you’re looking to be socially distant but also celebrate the “spooky szn” in style, consider buying (yes, you read that right)  Cleator, Arizona. It’s a whole ghost town just for you if you want it.

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A Whole City Can Be Yours!

Apparently, Arizona is full of ghost towns. This is primarily because there used to be mining towns or railroads. Most of these are now deserted and possibly being haunted. The city of Cleator, however, just a short distance from Phoenix, isn’t abandoned; it still holds on to quite a bit of life. The Arizona ghost town 70 miles north of Phoenix is home to a smattering of interesting characters, possibly similar to those you would find in Slab City, but maybe fewer “off- the grid-ers.”Cleator has bars, about 20 buildings, a yacht club (No water though, it’s still a desert), and a general store.

But There’s Not Much There

The little town referred to lovingly by its inhabitants – which there are fewer than 11 live-in residents as a watering hole. The place often attracts bikers, hippies, and travelers, usually on the way to Crown King. Said inhabitants mostly make their home near the Bradshaw Mountains. But, back to those bars, A pontoon boat was recently converted into what is nos the town’s second bar. Jetskis and surfboards are the tables there.

The Arizona ghost town was once a gold mining town. Established in 1864 as Turkey Creek but it was renamed by James Cleator after himself in 1925 when he purchased it. The Cleator family has held on to it for all these years. But, it seems like they are ready to sell- and let the 40 acres of land take on a new identity. Whoever purchases the land will reserve the right to change the name of the ghost town from Cleator to whatever they please. Justin Godsey of North&Co is in charge of the estate, and if you’re looking to purchase for the selling price of $1.25 Mil, he’s your guy. If you’re looking to visit, the little group of people boasts a kind, community mindset, claiming that no matter who you are, they are welcoming and that you will fit in with their small but happy group. Cheers to Cleator!

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