Man wins $1M Lottery Jackpot Twice on Same Day

Jesus, I want this man’s luck ASAP! You know how sometimes there’s that person that gets everything they want due to pure dumb luck? Well, meet “Joe B.,” the luckiest man on the planet right now! Basically, this Colorado man hit the jackpot twice after playing the same numbers for 30 years! Yes, after 30 long years his wish finally came true, but it doubled.

Colorado Lottery officials confirmed Joe indeed won two $1 million Powerball jackpots on March 25 and officially claimed his winning this week. The winning Powerball tickets were sold on Lake Avenue in Pueblo at two different stores, which were a mile apart. “Joe” had apparently bought a ticket in the morning, and one in the evening.

So yes, without knowing what was going on, this man became insanely rich. I don’t know, something seems fishy. Either this man hired a fortune-teller or has a time machine to go back and see when his numbers would hit. I mean…to hit the jackpot on the same day? COME ON! This is insane. This has to be some sort of joke right from the government, one of those “don’t lose hope, the world is still thriving” sort of deal? No? Maybe?

Still, despite the insane amount, communications director Meghan Dougherty stated the Colorado Lottery received approval to process winning tickets worth $10,000 or more at a touch-free, drive-thru claims office amid the coronavirus pandemic.

So basically, this man had to make an appointment to claim his prize, or you know, wait for his money through the mail. Which I mean, doesn’t matter. This man is getting his money despite us being under lockdown.

I don’t know, I’m gonna keep my eye on this Joe guy, because this seems suspicious. What’s your secret Joe? I promise I won’t tell anyone. I guess a little bit of luck can go a long long way.

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