Crayola Creates ‘Colors of the World’ Crayons to Match Skin Tones

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Drawing was my favorite pastime growing up. I was always drawing pictures of my family, my favorite actors, musicians, etc. People were my muse—and since people come in all shades of colors, it was frustrating drawing some people, including myself.

I’m am so ecstatic to see Crayola’s line of multicultural crayons, colored pencils, and markers hit stores. I wish I had these growing up, but it’s definitely not too late for me to enjoy a therapeutic session of drawing on construction paper like I’m a kid again.

Crayola Crayons 32 Pack, Colors of the World, Multicultural Crayons


multicultural crayons

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Crayola’s Multicultural Crayons are art supplies every kid or adult will appreciate-no matter the shade of skin. The Crayola Crayons will give children a chance to bring their beautiful art pieces to life. Seeing color isn’t a bad thing y’all.

All skin tones are beautiful. I don’t know about you, but I had to mix some classic colors, oil pastels, and watercolors to make my drawings look like me. Hopefully, these multicultural crayons make drawing portraits more enjoyable for kids.

Crayola Multi-Cultural Crayons, Large, 7/16 x 4 Inches, Assorted Skin Tone Colors, Pack of 8

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You can find the box of eight crayons multicultural crayons on Amazon, but Crayola has added 24 new colors that represent people from around the world. This box will be available in July, but you can pre-order and add to your shopping cart now.

Customer reviews on the current line of Crayola’s Multicultural Crayons are wonderful. Although, there’s always room for more skin tone colors! It’s impressive that Crayola has decided to extend its skin color crayons to be more inclusive.

Crayola’s Multicultural colors will also be available to buy in large crayons, colored pencils, and nontoxic washable markers as well. This summer, when you’re out shopping for school supplies, be sure to pick up a pack of Crayola Multicultural Crayons. Art projects will mean so much more to kids now.

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