Good Samaritan Generously Gives His Own Pants to Cold Homeless Man

In the northern parts of California, everyone there knows that the nights can get really chilly during the winter. However, this homeless man in Fresno lucked out one cold night, when a good Samaritan helped him out by literally giving him the pants he was wearing right then.

Daniel Richards and his wife Dominique were out and about for a late-night snack run to get donuts when they saw a homeless man hanging around outside of a McDonald’s parking lot. The homeless man didn’t have any pants on, and so Richards did the only reasonable thing to do in this situation of course. He asked the man, “If I were to give you these pants, would you take them?”

Good Samaritan Gives Homeless Man His Own Pants

According to the Inside Edition, the homeless man was shocked at the heartwarming gesture and accepted his offer. Richards didn’t hesitate and immediately took off his pants in public, right in the McDonald’s parking lot, giving it to the homeless man. The man immediately put them on, and the two shared a hug and went their separate ways.

Believe it or not, there are still some good people out there. No one’s demanding that you start immediately taking off your own sweatpants or pair of shorts to give to homeless people, but this is surely a great example of making use of your resources to help those who need it. Who knows- your old clothes could be new clothes for someone else.

Lord knows we could use more acts of kindness here in the United States. So many of us have been more attentive to watching what goes on in the world because COVID has driven everyone into their own homes. And media has been surrounding former President Donald Trump’s impeachment and Inauguration Day in swearing-in President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris into the White House. So it’s nice to see people be kind to each other for a change.

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