Remember When ‘Dear David’ Haunted This Illustrator’s Apartment i.e. Life?

If you weren’t on Twitter a couple of years ago you may have missed the flurry of a real-life ghost story that happened to a New York writer and illustrator named Adam Ellis. It started in 2017 and tortured him for a little under a year.

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It started on August 7, 2017.  In the first tweet he tells his followers about a dream that he had a few months back. The dream was about a child that had a head that was dented on one side that he’d seen sitting on a green chair in his bedroom. The child rushed him and in his state of sleep paralysis he was unable to move. The dream ended before the child reached him. A few nights later another dream brought another kid to him and she gave him some creepy information but offered a little bit of help. Due to dram logic (we all know how soundly that shi* works) she knew, the way magical figures do in movies that he had been “visited”. She said, “You’ve seen Dear David, Haven’t you?” She then proceeds to inform Adam that Dear David is dead if you he see’s him he’s allowed to ask him two question, but he must address him first as “Dear David” and he must ask no more than the allotted two questions; or Dear David would kill him.

A few nights later the child, or the ghost of a dead child appeared again. Our narrator Adam Ellis remembered that he could ask some questions, and that he had to say “Dear David”. He asked

He awoke shortly thereafter. It seemed like the story was ending because Ellis ended up moving to another unit in his apartment complex. David became a memory of the past. Until his cats started acting up. That’s where the real Dear David story starts.

The Cats:

The story starts here because for days his cats have been staring at the door as if someone was there, freaking out. When he looks through the peephole he sees something on the other side, but when he opens the door a moment later it’s gone. So he thinks that David has found him and is coming to kill him.

The Polaroids:

The following weekend he went out of town for the entire weekend. This is where the twitter thread got pretty animated. When Ellis started taking pictures, Ellis’ twitter followers started noticing creepy things in the backgrounds of his photos. As aforementioned, the creeper in the staircase of his house. Next there was the polaroid camera that Ellis bought for fun. He took some unexciting pictures of his house. Then he took one of the hallway and it came out like this:

If you’re wondering if that was just a photo of his finger over the viewfinder, he did this next. It looked differently. So, he took a picture of the hallway again. It looked the exact same.

Adam quickly bought sage. The same night Dear David was back in his dreams…in his room full of [sage] smoke. By now it was mid-august. And the cats were still pilgrimaging to his door nightly.

Another Day, Another Dream:

On August 21, 2017 Adam dreamt that David was pulling him around an abandoned warehouse. The following morning, there was a bruise on his arm. Sorta creepy. It gets worse. Ellis left his apartment to grab a bite and passes a usually busy warehouse that services food truck carts, that he passes daily. But that day, there was literally nothing there. Except for a little green chair.

Throughout the next few weeks there was a series of “Unknown caller” calls that only once he answered to receive a bone-chilling whisper of a “hello,” recorded pet cam videos of his cats standing on their hind feet and being spooked, a chair rocking by itself, and things unprovoked falling off of shelves. And nightmares, that progressed from the ghost of a kid to a decapitated head next to him in bed.

 Japan ft. Dear David:

Weeks later, Ellis was off to Japan for a trip. He was pretty quiet on social, previously thanking his twitter followers for their support and for not letting him feel like he was going through this creep-fest solo. From September 22nd -October 5, 2017 he was in overseas. On his last full day in Japan, while he was sightseeing, he stumbled across something that made him a little queasy. This is called: the “Mori-no-uta,” or “Song of the Forest.” It’s in the Nakajima Park in Sapporo, the work of a Japanese artist, Takeo Yamauch

The smudging didn’t work:

Ellis decided to get a friend to smudge his apartment on October 26, 2017 after he returned from his trip and things still felt off. t first it seemed to work but things started to escalate sort of quickly, proving him wrong. The following day, he went past the warehouse and there was nothing but a hearse sitting there; like an omen. A few days later he thought he saw someone outside his home looking in his windows and snapped some pictures, that once lightened, showed the creepy child. On November 6, he had another dream, this time he was able to move. Faced with Dear David his sleeping self took some photos.. that his waking self later found on his phone.

The Space Above His Apartment:

For a few weeks Ellis was quiet and his followers wondered if he was alive. Around Thanksgiving he was back. Turns out, he’d been hearing really loud noises above his apartment at night and realized there was a crawlspace above his apartment that stretched the entire length of his unit. With the help of an Amazon telescope pole he probed the crawlspace and out fell a child’s leather shoe. Ellis then called his landlord who looked in the crawlspace with a ladder and found a green marble. The marble, like David, had a little dent on one of its sides. Chilling. Also, why is everything green?

Adam Gets Smart:

Halfway through December 2017 Ellis updates his twitter family that he hadn’t been sleeping well and nothing outlandish or worth sharing had happened. Then Ellis got smart. He started taking photos on an app that takes pics every 60 seconds so he could feel a little bit more safe while he slept. He discovered David standing on a chair watching him, and then crawling on his bed, and then moving the camera.

Things got worse when he went home to Montana for Christmas and felt he was being watched. And and there were child-size footprints leading to his backyard. David had followed.

On the second day of January, Ellis tweeted that he’d been feeling sick and reported a particularly scary dream of David. It turned out to be less a dream than he’d originally thought. Things get messy and followers get concerned and basically conclude that David has possessed Ellis. Especially once he goes silent and tweets things like this:

He also admits to having quit his job at Buzzfeed. A short while later the news breaks that his story is going to become a movie and it will be directed by It director, Dan Lin. Maybe the film will tell us what we’re all wondering, but maybe we will never know.

If you’re asking me if it’s true or not, I couldn’t tell you. All I’m sayin is this: If I were a writer in New York looking for a movie deal… I would definitely have taken a picture of that weird-headed kid statue in Japan, and created a cool story about it and mass tweeted the whole thing. I totally would have. Not saying that’s what Adam did, but if he did, I’m not even mad. Props, brotha. Enjoy your film royalties. Because either way, it’s a fantastic story.

What do you think?

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