TikTok’s Viral “Difficult Person Test” is Taking the Internet By Storm

Thanks to a viral TikTok, the “Difficult Person Test” is sweeping the internet. But unlike most personality quizzes, the Difficult Person Test delivers targeted results with percentage rankings in seven distinct categories: Callousness, Grandiosity, Aggressiveness, Suspicion, Manipulativeness, Dominance, and Risk-Taking. These key factors determine the level of difficulty that you operate on, so if you answer the questions honestly… then that’s a score you might not want to share on social media. (Full disclosure: I ranked as “somewhat difficult.”)

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Throughout lockdown, personality quizzes (like the Innocence Test and Person Quiz) have found something of a resurgence. It’s certainly a better mental health alternative to binging Netflix all day. And far from the weirdest TikTok craze we’ve seen. Although personality tests might seem like scams that possibly mine personal data, it’s still fun to engage in the latest craze. And in fact, the Difficult Person test might have deeper educational purposes.

The introduction from IDRlabs reads:

“Most of the world’s cultures have expressions that describe people who are difficult to get along with. Chelsea Sleep and her colleagues at the University of Georgia now believe they can scientifically quantify the seven elements that constitute a difficult person. Are you difficult to get along with?”

According to the work of Dr. Chelsea Sleep, this is an accurate assessment of a difficult personality. Paying careful attention to an individual’s entitlement, the results just might determine once and for all whether you are truly an easy person to get along with. So are you game? Take the test below.

The Difficult Person Test

Take it here!

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