Online dating is worth the aggravation if it leads to you falling in love.

But if you’ve had nothing but bad luck — or worse, no luck at all — on the major dating sites, your profile may be to blame. (Yes, this is one of those occasions where “it’s not you, it’s me” is often true.)

Grant Langston, CEO of dating side eHarmony, shared with Business Insider the three biggest mistakes he sees lonely hearts making online.

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1. How boring

Langston: “I need to know that you like ‘The Godfather’ and you’ve seen it 50 times, and you can quote the dialogue, and your second-favorite movie is ‘Tommy Boy’ … I need details.”

In other words, rather than simply saying you like movies, be specific. Not only will it increase your chance of meeting someone who also has The Godfather memorized, it provides a great conversation starter.

Langston said far too many online daters don’t do this because they are afraid of coming across as weird. But it’s better to be a little quirky than downright boring.

2. TMI

Langston: “Leave something for the date. I don’t want a dissertation about your film habits.”

If your online dating profile rivals War and Peace in length, it’s time to look for things to cut. You can spill all the gory details when you meet your date in person.

3. I can’t see you

Langston: “The fact is, everyone puts a big emphasis on what they see there. And if what they see there is not good, they just won’t go any further.”

Humans are visual creatures. When we like what we see, we’re inclined to look a little closer. But if your dating profile picture is too dark, blurry, or otherwise hard to see, it’s going to drive people away.

You don’t necessarily need to use a professional head shot, but make sure your main picture is a clear and accurate depiction of you.

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