Kid genius Anson Wong is still beaming after a trip to visit Dr. Mehmet Oz on the set of his show.

Anson, 5, of Atlanta, was thrilled to meet Dr. Oz and tape an upcoming episode of the show, which is set to air on July 25.

About Anson Wong

Since infancy, Anson has demonstrated an impressive ability to absorb new information with ease. Videos shared by his mom online show him reading at just 17 months old.

Anson went viral last year when he started chatting with a medical school student in an Atlanta grocery store, sharing his knowledge about the immune system.

His parents say he’s voracious when it comes to learning, and they do what they can to stoke that curiosity.

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“I’ve always encouraged him to ask questions. I always ask him, ‘Do you have any questions for Daddy?'” dad Angelo Wong told Rare. “When he asks questions, I don’t give him the baby answer.”

Now, Anson stars in his own Rare series, Anson’s Answers, where he teaches others about subjects ranging from the solar system to microbiology.

Anson visits Dr. Oz

Impressed by Anson’s knowledge of the human body, “The Dr. Oz Show” flew Anson from Atlanta to New York City to tape an episode about the gut.

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Photos show Anson getting a tour of the airplane’s cockpit before setting off on his adventure.

Kid Genius Anson Wong
Credit: Alice Wong

Once in New York, he got to experience the life of a TV personality, up to and including getting his hair and makeup done.

5 year old genius Anson Wong
Credit: Alice Wong

After a little bit of practice, Anson was ready for his big debut. In front of a live audience and big cameras, Anson chatted with Dr. Oz about digestion and even helped him concoct a turmeric lemonade designed to maintain a healthy gut.

Anson Wong and Dr. Oz
Credit: Alice Wong

You can watch Anson’s on “The Dr. Oz Show” on July 25. Check your local listings to find out when and where to watch in your area.

Anson’s Answers features 5-year-old whiz kid Anson Wong. He has a college-level grasp on various areas of science, dreams of becoming the president and can speak multiple languages. Did you catch that he’s just 5 years old? Anson has a passion for teaching others and loves to share videos explaining the human body, the laws of physics and his ideas for the future. Grab a seat, because Professor Anson’s class is in session!

Jessica Sooknanan is the Editor of Hot Topics. Hot Topics, a top-rated TV show airing in Atlanta, Charlotte and Orlando, wraps the crazy viral stories of the week. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Georgia and joined the Rare team in 2016.
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