If your mattress is feeling less than fresh, she reaches for this kitchen item to disinfect it

Vinegar can work magic around your house — including this quick fix to easily freshen and disinfect your mattress.

There’s no reason to buy expensive or dangerous cleaning products, disinfectants or fabric refreshers when all you need is probably already in your cupboard!

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Vinegar can work wonders around the home even after cleaning the blinds.

  • Windows: Fill a spray bottle with vinegar, water and a little soap, then use the mixture to spray your dirty windows and wipe them clean with a towel.
  • Window blinds: Pour vinegar into a bowl, then saturate an old rag or sponge and use it to clean years of grime off each blind.
  • Shower head: Pour vinegar in a plastic grocery bag, then use a rubber band to secure it around your shower head to clear hard water deposits.
  • Cutting boards: Pour vinegar directly on your wooden cutting board and wipe clean with a sponge to disinfect it.

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For more easy, inexpensive and natural ways to clean with vinegar

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