A very important message from Elissa the Mom: Tyson and I are NOT married

Friends and fans, it’s time to set the record straight.

Several of you have asked whether Tyson and I are married.

No. No, we are not.

Yes, I am married — but not to Tyson. You met my husband Mike in my Valentine’s Day lobster video. We have two children together.

And Tyson is in a relationship — with someone who is not me.

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Tyson and I are coworkers. We’re also great friends. We spend a lot of time together. But our relationship has never been romantic. We’re more “Kelly & Ryan” than husband and wife.

(Tyson and me as Ryan and Kelly)

That’s not to say that I’d never, ever marry Tyson. I just met Mike a long time before I met Tyson. And I love my husband.

So, for those of you who liked us as a couple, please continue to like us! Nothing has changed. We’re still going to have our banter, and he’s still going to call me out for sticking my hands in every recipe I make. We’re just setting the record straight about our relationship.

Can’t get enough Tyson?

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