Her love-hate relationship with Pinterest is exhausting, but she just can’t give it up

Hi. My name is Elissa the Mom. And I have a Pinterest problem.

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I love Pinterest. And I hate Pinterest.

Why? Because I know I will never aspire to be the best Pinterest version of myself.

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Pinterest raises the bar to an unrealistic level. I mean, it even has ideas for organizing a junk drawer. Why does it need to be organized? Why can’t it just hold junk? Isn’t that why we have it?

But, then there are crafts and fashions and “mommying,” and I can’t get enough.

Before I had kids, I wanted to be different. I wanted to be unique. I swore I wouldn’t be like other parents.

But Pinterest made me realize that I just want to be a sheep. I want to know what’s on trend and listen to the music on the radio. I want to travel in the middle of the pack. I want to be everyone else on Pinterest.

It’s embarrassing to admit that I’m a basic sheep. But there you go.

I hate Pinterest. But I can’t quit. Because I love Pinterest.

Some of Elissa the Mom’s favorite Pinterest finds

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