I have some pretty strong opinions about #Dadurday

Are you familiar with #Dadurday?

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According to Urban Dictionary, it’s the day (usually Saturday) that dads spend with their kids.

Wait — what?

As a working mom, I have some serious opinions about Dadurday. Is it implied that dads never spent time with their kids before Dadurday became a thing?

Do dads think they’re giving moms a break by hanging out with the kids for a few hours? It’s not like they’re doing laundry and dishes on top of the parenting.

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Dads, are you the kinds of husbands who just show up to help out on Saturday? What are you doing on Sunday? No wonder women are mad!

Let’s be real. Every day is Dadurday. And there’s no such thing as Momday. Unless you’re a stay-at-home mom, and Saturday is the only day Dad takes the kids off your hands — I guess that’s a little different. But moms are still expected to do the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores.

It shouldn’t be that way. Moms and dads are both parents. They’re a team. They should be in it together.

What are your feelings on Dadurday?

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