In just 3 simple steps, I transformed my pantry from a “nightmare” to a place of calm

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It’s time to reorganize my pantry. I’ve done this before. But because life happens, it’s now a nightmare again.

Are you ready to get organized? I have some great tips that’ll transform your (and my) pantry into a peaceful place.

1. Remove everything

Because that’s the only way to start. Take absolutely everything out of your pantry.

Removing everything will remind you of expired food products you’ve forgotten, let you know if you have duplicates of anything (if you do, throw one away!), and will allow you to reevaluate your grocery shopping choices. That’s a good thing.

Cleaning out the pantry tells me three important things:

  1. What I have.
  2. What I need.
  3. What I should throw away.

2. Divide and conquer

Put all your foods into different categories, like spices, oils, baking ingredients, etc., and group them together. Make sure everyone gets to stay with their friends.

3. Bring in reinforcements

You’ll need some serious tools to keep your pantry organized.

Step-shaped shelf organizers ($5.99) allow you to stack spices so you can always see what you already have and what you need to buy. Tyson recommends organizing your spices alphabetically.

Put your oils on a Lazy Susan ($5.99); like the shelf organizers, it’ll allow you to immediately find the oil you need.

To prevent cereal from getting stale, invest in some sealed cereal dispensers ($19.99 for the fancy ones). And buy one of those four-piece container sets ($49.99) to store things like pasta and flour.

Certain snacks and boxed dinners go in a basket ($17.99) that I already had at home, while the kids’ grab-and-go snacks are kept in a small storage container ($4.99) on the bottom shelf.

There. Don’t you feel so much calmer already?

More ways to get organized

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