5 things you need to know about eating charcuterie

Charcuterie boards are a fun party staple. But what does it even mean? Basically, it’s a fancy meat snack.

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Here are five things you need to know before you dig in.

1. Meat, meat, and more meat

Charcuterie is basically cured meats. Curing is a process that dries the meat out slowly, while preserving it with salt and spices. So basically, it cooks the meat and keeps it from going bad at the same time. Sometimes it can takes months!

You can find these meats at the grocery store specialty cheese case or a butcher shop.

2. You’ve probably eaten charcuterie without knowing it

There are many types of charcuterie, including salami and prosciutto. Even more common things like pepperoni and bacon are technically dried meats.


3. Presentation is important when serving charcuterie

Charcuteries is typically served on a wooden board or block, sometimes with cheese. The meat is cut into super thin slices using a sharp knife. That way, you can eat a lot of pieces without getting too full. Jackpot!

4. And so are condiments

Charcuterie is usually served with a lot of different condiments like mustard, pickled vegetables, olives and even raisins. They help balance the salty taste of the meat.

If you’re putting together a board at home, mix up texture and flavors of the meats for a good variety.

5. You get to eat it with your hands!

Grab a slice of meat and an olive and eat them together to combine the flavors. Mix and match the meats with the condiments so every bite tastes different.

Now that you know what charcuterie is and how to serve it, dress up your next party with a fancy board of meat snacks.

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