Buc-ee’s is Upgrading their Already Incredible Bathrooms

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in and poop on the roadsides of Texas, Buc-ee’s has long been a treasured road trip stop. The mega gas station is a paradise of smoked meats, candy, treats, barbecue, beverages, and more. I would genuinely do my weekly grocery shopping at Buc-ee’s if I could. I don’t care what amount of punishment buying and eating that much delicious jerky would unleash on my colon.

Though Buc-ee’s is a superstore of snack foods and Texas fare, it may actually be most famous for its legendarily clean bathrooms. Whereas other highway gas stations offer bathrooms that look like or often are former murder scenes, at no point during a Buc-ee’s bathroom break will it smell like there’s a horse is giving birth in a Burger King dumpster.


While Buc-ee’s being neurotic about the cleanliness of their stores and bathrooms gets all the attention, they’re also obsessed with customer convenience. Their newest innovation in pit stop technology comes in the form of “Tooshlights.” Basically, if there is someone in a stall, a light turns on, saving you precious time and the hassle/embarrassment of bending over to look for feet in the stalls. (We all know you’re not trying to be a Peeping Tom… but you still look and feel like a Peeping Tom.)


According to Buc-ee’s, Tooshlights will be installed in all 40 stalls in the Katy, Texas location as well as the 39 stalls at the Temple Buc-ee’s. Buc-ee’s says all of their new gas station superstores will have Tooshlights installed upon opening. Other current Buc-ee’s locations will have the Tooshlights installed over coming months.


What does this mean? That you’ll spend less time in the bathroom and more time ordering at their jerky counter. Which in turn will mean that you’ll have to stop at another Buc-ee’s to expel all that jerky. These people are devious geniuses.

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