Few things get us more upset than burning cookies to the point where they’re no longer delicious.

According to Grant Melton, a member of the culinary team for “The Rachael Ray Show,” several factors could lead to burnt cookies, including misplaced racks (they should be in the middle of the oven), an oven that’s not properly preheated and cookie sheets that are too hot.

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But if you factor in all these tips and still manage to burn your cookies, all is not lost. Here’s what you can do:

Make ’em “grate” again: Rub the cookies’ burned bottoms on a grater or zester until the crispy pieces are gone.

I scream, you scream: Turn those gnarly cookies into ice cream sandwiches! Place a big scoop of ice cream between two cookies, then roll the sandwich in sprinkles, cereal or chocolate chips.

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