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It’s Christmas morning. You were up until 3:00 a.m. wrapping a borderline immoral amount of gifts for your children. You’ve got to get everyone corraled and ready for church. The extended family is coming over later. With them comes backhanded compliments about your holiday decor (and holiday weight), a political discussion that sounds like a Facebook comment thread come to life, and an insistence that they can do the cooking better than you. In short, you need to be drunk.

Enter the Christmosa. It’s a holiday take on the mimosa, brunch’s main party starter. You can get the recipe from Delish but the recipe is simple. Apples + cranberries + green grapes + pomegranate seeds + sparkling grape juice + enough champagne to a sleigh.

My Christmas morning is going to be absolutely lit this year. Normally I like save the drinking until at least lunch, to be respectful of the holiday, but NOPE. With Christmosas on the table everything changes. I’m going to be popping more bottles than a fiscally irresponsible first-round draft pick. And if I run out of champagne I’ll probably just start using tequila, then vodka, then gin, in that order.

Other holiday drink ideas:

The Christrita: Tequila + cranberry juice
The Krampus: Black coffee + Rumple Minze (this, like the actual Krampus, will kill you violently)
12 Days of Christmas: It’s just 12 fingers of bourbon in a thermos.
The Manger: Just take a bunch of mostly finished, unwanted bottles of liquor and mix them all together in a glass.
3 Wise Men: Jack + Jim + Johnnie
Mrs. Claus: Hot Chocolate + Chocolate Schnapps
North Pole Iced Tea: Rumple Minze + Rum + Baileys + Brandy + Cranberry Vodka + Coca Cola
White Christmas: Egg Nog + Bourbon + Powdered Sugar (instead of nutmeg)

You know what the best part about getting absolutely plastered on Christmas? It makes the presents a surprise twice.

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