Remember this viral video? It totally sold us on Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie.

And we weren’t the only ones who were convinced. According to CNN, the YouTube video caused Walmart stores nationwide to sell out of LaBelle’s pies.

Thanks to that success, the world’s largest retailer will soon begin to carry five more desserts from LaBelle’s line. The new treats include apple cobbler, apple pecan cake, berry cobbler, peach cobbler, and sweet potato loaf.

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However, these desserts won’t have the same $3.98 price tag as the sweet potato pie. CNN reports the cobblers are $6.98 each, while the cake is $9.98.

But Walmart still hopes they’ll fly off shelves as quickly as LaBelle’s original offering.

“We were selling one per second for a while after (the viral) video went live,” Walmart spokesman John Forrest Ales said of the sweet potato pie. “He posted that video and we sold out and had to quickly make more, a million pounds.”

Ales also said the video prompted Walmart to make the pie available year round; it was originally supposed to be a seasonal item.

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