This Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With The Smell of Coffee, and We Can’t Wait To Go To Sleep


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Folgers definitely had a point when they decided to make their slogan “The best part of waking up” because honestly, it is. If you’re anything like me, the first thing I do when I wake up is walk to the coffee machine, put in that Kcup, and brew myself a delicious hot brew. All the coffee, any kind, give it to me now! So, when I saw this alarm clock roaming around the interwebs, I knew I not only wanted it but needed to get it!

Picture this, you are deep asleep, and then start to smell the sweet scent of coffee beans, followed by the soothing sound of water dripping onto fresh coffee grounds. The aroma of coffee then intensifies, and everything seems wonderful as you wake up and open your eyes to see a stainless steel cup on top of your alarm clock, filling up with the beautiful caffeinated liquid! Need a little cold half and a half? No worries, there is a small chilled cup inside the alarm clock ready for you. It’s a dream come true sent from the Gods! Introducing the Barisieur hybrid alarm clock/coffee maker all rolled into one.

Not only is the alarm clock stunning, but it also reminds me of Breaking Bad with its scientific glassware on it. A drawer on the front holds the coffee grounds, then there is a tiny cup for creamer or milk in the base. An interior sensor then regulates the temperature to keep the liquor around 37 degrees Fahrenheit. What surprised me the most about this savvy device was that there is no internet behind it. Yes, no WiFi, no Bluetooth, no Alexa or Google assistant! The only thing that connects is you and the start of your day!

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The idea of the whole machine is to set it up the night before by portioning coffee into a metal mesh cone filter and fill in the glass flask with water. Of course, if you don’t like coffee (what kind of human are you?) you can always fill it up with loose leaf tea. So British. The brewing process starts when the alarm goes off or when you push the button. You then click the button to turn off the alarm and enjoy your fresh coffee all at once. You can also set the alarm to go off without making coffee, like a regular alarm clock, but, why would you do that?

Once the alarm begins, the water inside the flask is heated and pushes up the tube to drip over the grounds. Honestly, this is a genius invention. Think about it! What alarm clock brews hot coffee for you? Hitting the snooze button just got a little bit better. Now that’s a premium alarm clock…time to throw away your boring old one.

You can by the Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock here for $445. Or, if you want to save some money, you can always opt for a really nice personal looking Keurig one? These are pretty cool too, plus, they come in all shapes and sizes, your choice! Happy drinking!

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