Popeye’s Worker Fired For Filming Roaches, Insanely Dirty Kitchen


A worker at a Detroit Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen (a.k.a. Popeye’s Chicken) says she lost her job after live streaming a cellphone video of the landfill-esque conditions of the restaurant she worked in on social media. The Facebook live video was replete with dirty floors, dirty containers, uncovered containers, exposed raw chicken, and, of course, cockroaches and flies.

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How is This Food Remotely Edible?

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You can watch the video here. The conditions of this Popeye’s are stunningly vile.

Good Lord. Toss this entire Popeye’s into a volcano. It needs to be wiped from the Earth. The land it’s situated on is going to be uninhabitable for a thousand years. It would be healthier to prepare food in the gutters of Bourbon Street. I know Popeye’s is a Louisiana Kitchen but I don’t think “Hurricane Katrina” is the part of Louisiana culture and history they want to be emulating.

Probably zero reasonable people in America expect to have what anyone could consider a sanitary experience when dining at any Popeye’s. Unsanitary conditions are expected. It’s pretty much impossible to not feel somewhat dirty when the air in the building is 47% grease fumes and batter dust. We really just ask that our food be prepared in something cleaner than a hospital’s soiled garments dumpster.

It’s actually stunning that those employees are able to walk into there — let alone spend hours working in there — without vomiting uncontrollably.

And why is everything wet!?!?! What happened!?!?

The Popeye’s Whistleblower

God bless the woman who took this video, Shakita Shemere, yelling, “They got roaches” to the people in the drive-thru. Somehow her loud and rightful indignation throughout this livestream is still more subdued than it should be. (Also her narration is fantastic.) There is no possible way someone could overreact to seeing what the kitchen in this Popeye’s looks like. Literally screaming until you passed out would be an acceptable and understable reaction to that kitchen.

As of Tuesday this Popeye’s location was closed and working with the Detroit health department, health officials, and the Popeye’s corporate office to make the restaurant not resemble a dirty diaper so much. I’m unsure of what the appropriate measures and cleaning protocols are for when a restaurant gets this bad, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it just consisted of a food safety team in hazmat suits spraying the place down with gasoline and then lighting it up. And then exiling the Popeye’s management responsible to some sort of nationless prison island.

This article was originally published July 25, 2018.

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