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After brewing the perfect cup of coffee, don’t toss those coffee grounds — reuse them by using them in different ways.

Coffee grounds can be used for a variety of purposes, from food to body to home products. Here are some favorites.

Body scrub

This coffee body scrub recipe from Coconut Mama only needs a few other foods in it — vanilla, cinnamon, sugar and coconut oil. While it’s meant to go on your body and not in your mouth, it will be a treat for your skin. And coffee is said to help with unwanted cellulite, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

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Steak rub

Coffee steak rub is mixed with a few spices, then ground and rubbed onto a steak for flavoring. According to the recipe from, this is a tasty rub.

Air freshener

A bowl of used grounds in the back of the refrigerator will freshen the inside of the fridge. According to Lifehacker, at first it will absorb odors; then, as it dries out, the scent of coffee will be released.

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Garden fertilizer

Adding coffee grounds to the garden, mulch or compost bin is smart — the grounds add organic material and nitrogen to the ground, both of which can help plants grow healthier. Find out more, as well as other organic ways to use coffee grounds, at Gardening Know How.

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