Doritos Announces New, Nasty Flavors That We Do Not Want

Who, exactly, was asking for this?

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Doritos just announced a couple new flavors and they do NOT sound good. It’s not the usual twist on Cool Ranch or cheesy goodness either. The new flavors seem like someone in the flavor lab decided it was too much work to think of anything new, so they decided to squeeze some basic condiments on their chips, thus creating….

Something amazing, something surprising…

Drumroll please…

Ketchup and Mustard!


Yes, Doritos has announced that they just released Ketchup chips and Spicy Mustard chips. No one really knows why. It sounds gross and unappetizing.

Have you ever thought, “gee, this Doritos chip would be a lot better if I squeezed a ketchup packet on it.” Have you?

Okay, okay. So, the comments on Instagram seem like some people are really excited about the new Doritos chip flavor duo. And who knows, maybe they’ll taste good spread out on a hot dog or something.

Have you tried the new Doritos Ketchup and Spicy Mustard flavors yet? We want to know your opinion.

What do you think?

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