Her sweet, kid-friendly 4th of July punch has delicious red white and blue layers

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Happy Fourth of July! I love America, and I love any holiday that involves eating, so I’m going to share some fun, patriotic recipes to serve at your Independence Day cookout.

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This punch is the perfect drink to give the kiddos while their parents imbibe in their adults beverages. (But who says you can’t add a little alcohol and turn it into grownup punch?)

You will need:

  • Red drink! (I used a cranberry-cherry juice)
  • White drink! (I used piña colada mix)
  • Blue drink! (I used blue Hawaiian Punch)
  • Twizzlers
  • Ice

When this drink is made correctly, the colors don’t mix together — they lie on top of each other. That’s due to the differing sugar contents in each drink. The one with the most sugar (in my case, the piña colada mix) should be on the bottom, while the one with the least sugar (the blue Hawaiian punch) goes on the top.

That part worked for me. The part that didn’t was the Twizzler straws. That’s a Pinterest joke; I’m convinced.

But the punch itself was delicious. Cheers to America!

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