Why are Kit Kats so beloved in Japan?

It could be the name. In Japanese, “kito kato” means “to surely win,” so perhaps they’re viewed as lucky.

Or it could be the candy’s ability to adapt to a variety of tastes. The Japanese don’t mess around with their Kit Kats; popular flavors include citrus, edamame soybean, matcha-green tea, lemon vinegar, pumpkin, blueberry cheesecake, sakura (cherry blossom), and wasabi.

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Either way, Kit Kats are some of the most popular items on the market in Japan, according to CNN. They’re even outselling traditional Japanese candies.

Kit Kats were invented in northern England in the 1930s, but didn’t spread across the globe until the 1980s, when manufacturer Rowntree was purchased by Nestlé.

(H/T: Kotaku)

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