Four Loko’s New Hard Seltzer Will Have You Seeing Double After 3 Sips Eater

In the wake of the sudden and extreme White Claw and BON & VIV pandemonium, Four Loko is going for gold and joining the hard seltzer game. The brand has Beyonce’d this product upon us a whole season and a half early! The first flavor, Black Cherry was originally set to release sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2020, according to social media.

The CEO of Four Loko’s [much needed] parent company, Phusion Projects, Jaisen Freeman says,” When we first posted about it on Four Loko’s social channels, we had no idea the response would be as massive as it was”. The product is being released early to flood the hospitals before the holiday season… I mean to “give customers what they want…“More flavor. More ABV. More value”.

What customers want is a hard seltzer. According to reports by the US BAR (IWSR US Beverage Alcohol Review), American alcohol consumption declined, again, for the third year in the row. People want less and less beer (though the demand for it is still present) and more drinks a low-calorie count but high ABV.

These Four Loko Seltzers will have about 12% ABV (alcohol by volume). In comparison to the leading spiked seltzer brands, Four Loko is truly playing to win. It’s 4% higher than the highest beer ABV and the new Four Loko hard seltzer has the same percent ABV as a glass of wine, who’s alcohol content is usually between 12 percent and fifteen percent.

All of this and the new hard seltzer drink are still 2% than what the brand originally planned to release it as. The one thing the brand has not released is how many calories their new Four Loko drink carries. We will know soon, rest well friends because as soon as the holiday season is here, your friends will be knocking these back and cracking one for you!


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