Have you tried these ways to eat avocado?
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Avocado are a great party food, but there is so much that can be done with them beyond guacamole. When added to many foods, they bring a moisture and creaminess that elevates them.

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Avocado can be eaten in many different forms throughout the day, including the following ways:

Avocado is a great choice to add to smoothies for their creaminess when blended and healthy benefits-including good fat, fiber and potassium-to make it a complete meal on the go or recovery drink after a workout. See examples of how avocado made smoothies better on The Huffington Post for inspiration.

Toast topped with avocado is very popular and has endless combinations. Food blogger Damn Delicious offers an easy version that looks delicious indeed with her five-minute avocado toast.

Everyone has a go-to guacamole recipe, but this guacamole recipe promises to be two great things: easy and authentic.

If you are looking for something different as a sandwich spread, this smashed chickpea and avocado filling has enough texture and protein to be a light lunch or snack.

If the idea of warm, firm avocado sounds appealing, swap potatoes for these avocado fries. They are crisp on the outside, smooth on the inside. Get the recipe for avocado fries from The Kitchn.

This grilled avocado recipe is an easy choice for Meatless Monday or any day. Warming the food until grill marks appear and the vegetable is warm but firm is all that needs to be done, and it has the perfect natural holder for salsa.

Avocado goes well in desserts, especially when paired with chocolate, where it adds a creamy texture without being able to taste the avocado. Shape magazine offers 10 sweet ways to use the green fruit, from ice cream to pudding and brownies.

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