If you like sushi, you’ll love this mouthwatering burger Facebook / Insider Food
(Facebook / Insider Food)

This sushi burger is not made with a beef patty. Instead, it’s made from typical sushi ingredients.

Yep, instead of wrapping everything into a roll, the ingredients are stacked into burger form. The buns are made from sushi rice and form the outer layer, just like in a typical roll.

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Next is the fish layer — in this case, tuna mixed with spicy mayo. They top that layer with seaweed salad, watermelon radish, cucumber, pickled ginger, and more spicy mayo, before adding the second rice bun.

Watch this video from Insider Food to see how it all goes together. What a fun take on a traditional sushi roll! You can find it at Redeye Grill in New York.

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