First, there was the rainbow bagel. Now, a rainbow grilled cheese is the latest edible colorful craze.

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Also called the rainbow toastie, the rainbow grilled cheese was created atĀ Kala ToastĀ grilled cheese and sandwich shop in Hong Kong, and it has quickly become an Instagram sensation.

According to Chinese food bloggerĀ @hkfoodiexblogger, each color is a different type of cheese:

“TheĀ toastĀ costs (about $6) and the colored cheeses are lavender (blue), basil (green), tomato (red) and the yellow one is actually the combination of four kinds of cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere). The toast was crispy, but I reckon both the flavor of the lavender and tomato were subtle. The basil flavor was the most outstanding one comparatively, but the cheese flavor was still not as strong as my expectation. It was also a bit oily in general. I would say the quality was rather average but we all cannot deny that it is photogenic.”

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Is it fairy dust? Unicorns? All we know for sure is that this grilled cheese sandwich is pure magic Instagram / hkfoodiexblogger

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