Just when we thought the new McDonald’s sides couldn’t get any crazier, along came these creations McDonald's / Brand Eating
(McDonald's / Brand Eating)

Italy is famous for its olives, and McDonald’s restaurants in that country are taking full advantage of it.

According to Brand Eating, the world’s largest restaurant chain now offers battered, deep-fried, meat-stuffed olives at its Italian locations.

The side item, known as Olive all’Ascolana, is based on a regional dish. It is one of several new offerings on the McItaly menu, which includes:

  • Trio of Vegetables: Lightly battered and fried zucchini, eggplant and peppers
  • Zuppa Inglese McFlurry: Soft serve with sponge cake and custard mixed in
  • Panettone Tiramisu: The traditional Italian dessert topped with raisins, almonds and candied fruit

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Here are some of the craziest McDonald’s dishes from around the world:

(H/T: Brand Eating)

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