Prank Peppermint Lovers With Ketchup-Flavored Candy Canes

Every day we stray further from the Lord’s light. Who did this? Who asked for this? Why are ketchup candy canes a thing? That’s right, these candy canes look like regular peppermint candy canes, but that “red” pattern on the candy cane actually tastes like America’s favorite condiment.

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Archie McPhee is the retailer behind the unique candy canes, and they’re selling boxes for only $6.50. A bottle of ketchup is about $4, and frozen French fries are $3. I’d say you’re getting the best bang for the buck getting your ketchup fix with these candy canes.


Archie McPhee


Condiment lovers are going to love these Christmas treats. I recommend using this candy cane flavor as a stocking stuffer for ketchup lovers. They’re budget-friendly, and a true tomatoey ketchup lover is going to eat these right up! As for everyone else, I think we’ll stick to regular candy canes. (The best candy canes, right behind pickle ones.)

Even if you don’t plan on eating the new ketchup candy canes, I recommend ordering a box. I love a good prank, and I think you should prank someone who absolutely HATES ketchup with this new flavor. The red and white stripes are unquestionable. If you don’t see the box, you probably won’t assume they will taste like ketchup.

I can’t believe we’re in the part of the coronavirus pandemic where ketchup-flavored candy canes are getting us in the holiday spirit. Sounds pretty on brand for 2020. You might remember kale candy canes trending last year, but I’d say that this new flavor sounds less appetizing.


For more Christmas gag gifts and wacky candy cane flavors, visit the Seattle-based novelty store Archie McPhee and Amazon. Amazon is selling Archie McPhee Mac & Cheese candy canes, clam candy canes, and good ol’ coal candy canes this holiday season. Yuck!

Santa better not bring me these.

This post was originally published on September 9, 2020.

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