McDonald’s is the top burger joint, but with this latest menu item, it may now be trying to compete with Taco Bell Inform / Buzz60
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When you stroll up to the counter or swing through the drive-thru at the world’s largest restaurant chain, you’re probably craving a burger, a chicken sandwich, or fries.

But this new McDonald’s item sounds like it’s better suited for Taco Bell.

The Spicy Nacho Cheese Wedges include four jalapeño-filled cheese slices that have been rolled in crushed tortilla chips. They’re served with a sour cream and chive dip.

Sound delicious? Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel pretty far to sample them. They’re only served at McDonald’s locations in the United Kingdom.

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But here in the States, McDonald’s is constantly experimenting with new menu items, including a Pesto Mozzarella Melt in Southern California and a Signature Sriracha sauce in certain West Coast locations.

At the same time, the chain is working to make all of its offerings healthier. It has gone back to using real butter and eggs in its breakfast dishes, and just this past summer, it removed artificial preservatives from its chicken nuggets and high fructose corn syrup from its breads.

Here are more crazy McDonald’s dishes from around the world:

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