The Latest Addition To McDonald’s Secret Menu Is McNasty

Literally. It’s called “The McNasty,”

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The McNasty is a fan-named creation that isn’t listed on the McDonald’s menu. It’s simply a combination of two sandwiches that are on the dollar menu – the McChicken and the McDouble – and you have to assemble it yourself.

Simply order one of each, open both, and insert the entire McChicken (yes, bun and all) in the middle of the McDouble. Or the entire McDouble in the middle of the McChicken, presumably. And voila! The McNasty is born.

800 calories and formerly known as the McGangBang (true story), which was too vulgar for corporate.

The McNasty is the newest addition to McDonald’s Secret Menu. The secret menu trend was started by a community of people who claim to “hack” fast food menus by swapping out and combining different items.

Items on the secret menu are available, but they’re not listed on the main menu.

There are 12 other items on the McDonald’s Secret Menu:

Big McChicken
The 2 Cheeseburger Meal
The Chicken McGriddle
Big Mac Sauce Fries
The Land, Sea, and Air Burger
The Mc10:35
The McCrepe
The McKinley Mac
The Monster Mac
The McLeprechaun Shake
Neapolitan Shake
The Pie McFlurry

McDonald’s recently added” McDonald’s ‘Menu Hacks” to the main menu. It’s four sandwiches that were the most popular of the original secret menu items.

They are:

“Surf + Turf” – A sandwich with both the Filet-O-Fish and Cheeseburger patties

“Hash Brown McMuffin” – a McMuffin with the hashbrown in between the egg and sausage.

“Crunchy Double” – chicken nuggets over a burger.

“Land, Air & Sea” – a McChicken, a Big Mac, and a Filet-O-Fish stacked on top of each other in one sandwich.

What do you think?

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