Mix up breakfast with these 5 delicious takes on avocado toast

Restaurants throughout the country are offering up unique takes on the modern breakfast/lunch/any-time-I-feel-like-it dish, but have you tried avocado toast with these upgrades?

1. Create a fiesta

Chips and salsa avocado toast makes so much sense. Take the Kitchn’s lead and top your basic avocado toast with your favorite salsa and crushed tortilla chips. (Source:

2. Take it to the streets

Step it up a notch with Mexican street corn avocado toast from How Sweet It Is. (Source:

3. Add fruit

Here’s a twist: add strawberries. Self Magazine shows us that avocado toast doesn’t have to only be savory. Add strawberries and feta cheese for a refreshing combination. (Source:


Bacon makes everything better, and avocado toast is no exception. Recipe Boy sprinkles bacon on the avocado and then tops the whole thing with honey. (Source:

5. Get fancy

Try this deluxe version topped with dates, parsley, fennel and manchego cheese from the California Avocado Growers themselves. (Source:

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