Natty Light Is Giving Free Beer To Everyone Turning 21 In 2020

Natural Light

Heads up 21-year-old’s, 2020 is your year. The year where you can drink all the alcohol you want and go absolutely wild, because well, welcome to the age where you can officially legally drink at bars. Throw away those fake ID’s.

But wait, the celebration just got even better. What if I told you that you can celebrate it with free beer. Yes, if you were born in 1999 you will finally be able to buy alcohol and Natty Light wants to celebrate with you. The company just announced that they will give free beer to anyone turning 21 this year and the only thing you need to do is prove that, well, you actually did turn 21 in 2020 and provide a receipt of your purchase.

So what exactly do you need to do? Go to the beer brand’s website, called My Beer Rebate, prove you’re  21, enter your receipt information and then you will get a refund of your purchase. Tada, it doesn’t get easier than that.

What better way to honor the memorable milestone then drinking a free Natty Light. The best part about this is that new legal drinkers can redeem the light lager at any point throughout the year, regardless of whether it is their birthday that day or not. (Yes, get that free beer for the Super Bowl!)

The beer company, which is brewed by Anheuser-Busch, is also encouraging those who partake in the promotion to share their birthday celebration pictures on social media, by including #NattyBDAY in their caption. You can there share it across your social media pages tagging @naturallightbeer on Instagram and @naturallight on Twitter. On the 21st of every month, Natural Light will then share the top best stories and photos across all of its social media platforms.

So, think of it this way, free beer with a touch of exposure. Maybe you can also get Twitter famous? Here’s to a memorable 2020! Please don’t blackout kids.

Your turn, Bud Light.

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