New video of “Salt Bae” emerges online, and people have problems with it

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Salt Bae is cooking up storm in his new New York eatery, and people less than enthused.

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For the uninitiated, “Salt Bae” — aka Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe — swept the web when a video of him dramatically seasoning a giant piece of steak went viral. The ridiculousness of his methods spawned parodies and products and led to the internet and real life fame in just a year. Since the release of his original video, “Salt Bae” has opened up a steak house in New York, but it seems for some, his outlandish antics aren’t flying.

Nusr-Et, the second American location of the chef’s 13 dining spots, opened up with poor reviews. The New York Post‘s food critic Steve Cuozzo ripped the food calling the restaurant, “Public Rip-off No. 1,” while GQ called out the eatery for serving “mundane” and “overcooked” burgers. While the professional critics are bad enough, “Salt Bae” also managed to turn the public (and their stomachs) all the way off in a video posted to his Instagram showing him slicing and dicing a slab of meat with precision — before topping it off with slices of American cheese and plain asparagus.

We don’t get it either.

The unappetizing display of food had internet users going crazy, and not in a good way.

“Could you imagine dropping $500 on a meal just for him to stuff Kraft Singles in your steak? Roflmao,” tweeted one viewer. It’s definitely a no.

Chef Duff Goldman of “Ace of Cakes” fame chimed in with his disgust, writing, “That’s super gross,” while Andrew Zimmern, added, “The crime is the raw asparagus in the middle. Good lord.” After all, he’d know as host of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods.

Other viewers likened the bloody, yet “captivating” meat to a scene out of the “Saw” horror films, and it’s hard to disagree.

Maybe it’s time for Salt Bae to switch to pepper, because his seasoning game looks like it needs work.


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