Texas Restaurant Instituted a “No Phone Family Night”

A restaurant in Amarillo, Texas ran a pretty unique special the other day. They offered a free appetizer for any family who kept their phones in their pockets for the entirety of their meal. The restaurant, Bubba’s 33, provided games for the tables and cornhole in the parking lot to keep the families occupied in the meantime because even they knew that conversation alone wasn’t going to cut it for a whole meal.

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The feedback for the special was positive overall, though the restaurant hasn’t said whether or not it has plans to continue it.

Besides the family bonding aspect, this is still an excellent idea. Not only if it means dinner is more stressful for the parents, but because it does mean dinner is going to be more stressful for parents. Screw these soft parents today who can just put their kids in front of iPhones or Nintendo Switches and eat in peace. They need to know. They need to know what it’s like to deal with kids who want nothing more than to explode out of their seats, and the terror of having nothing to distract them with except a pile of old crayons and a boring placemat.

It’s time they experience the hell of an under-the-booth kicking match that turns into an all-out fistfight threatening to knock over every standing glass of water and soda on the table, and incinerating every last shred of that family’s respectability. It’s time to know what it feels like to be looked at like you’re trash because little Sarah and little Jimmy are jacked up on Pepsi and treating an Olive Garden the way coked out hedge fund managers treat strip clubs.

This is a win-win. Families get to have more together time and parents get to learn what raising them was like.

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