The 20 Foods You Thought You’d Never Taste Again and How to Buy Them


Okay, okay, I’ll admit it, I have a sweet tooth. It’s something that has gotten me in trouble my whole life, especially when I was a kid. I would sneak Twizzlers inside my backpack and run straight to my room to hide them before my mom could see them. Can you blame me? Have you tried Twizzlers, they are delicious! I guess you can say they were part of my childhood, no doubt. Of course, as I got older my ability to eat candy has slowly deteriorated. My body doesn’t take as much sweet stuff as it used to, and when it does, it’s straight to bed because of the sugar high. Crazy how times change, huh?

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Back in July, we asked some of you if you remember what food you loved as a kid, and can’t find anywhere anymore. To be honest, I was a little bit shocked by some of the answers, because you all like some crazy stuff, man! From turtle soup to banquets boil in a bag, that list had everything and anything on it. It was quite scary if you ask me. So, lucky for you, I decided to help you out, and make a list of everything you like, and hunted them down online. Thank god for Amazon, down memory lane we go.

1. Curly Wurly Chocolate Bar

Curly Wurly

These chocolate coated caramel bars come in a pack of 20 because obviously, you can’t just eat one. These bars are currently manufactured by Cadbury UK and can be traced all the way back to 1970. Fun Fact: It’s actually had several name changes in the past, including including “3 Mousquetaire”, “Wig Wag”, “Marathon”, Leckerschmecker”, and “Loop”!

2. Astro Pop Candy Suckers

Astro Pop

The Astro Pops have a long history, tracing back to 1963 after two scientists were working on the space program in El Segundo California. These both rocket scientists then decided to quit their jobs and dedicate their time to create the Astro Pops, modeling the pop as….you guessed it, a three-stage rocket.

3. Milk Magic Magic Milk Flavoring Straws

Milk Magic Magic Milk Straw

I am SHOCKED by these straws! How creators managed to make milk flavor straws is just beyond my imagination. So much, that I decided to order these suckers (no pun intended) and try them for myself because that’s just who I am! These straw come in 5 different flavors including Vanilla Milkshake, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Cotton Candy.

4. Koegel Olive Loaf 

Koegel Olive Loaf

Okay, this is…this is…just a no from me. I don’t even know what to say about this one, but hey, if you guys like it, then it’s a must try. Right? I’m trusting you here.

5. My T Fine Pudding, Lemon

My T Fine Pudding

Pudding and pie filling? Yes please, sign me up! This actually looks delicious, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best one on the list. Anything that has lemon flavor pie filling is set to be great, so A+ to the person who said they miss this because they have great taste!

6. Wise Cheez Waffies, 5-Ounce Bags

Cheez Waffies

According to the Amazon description of these, these are a unique, crunchy snack, described as a crisp waffle wafer sandwich that contains real cheese. They kind of reminded me of Ritz crackers, but hey, Cheez Waffies for the win.

7. ZAGNUT Peanut Butter Coconut Candy Bar

Zagnut Bar

Peanut butter and coconut, I really don’t know to feel about that. These bars are apparently Kosher food, and perfect for sharing and snacking by themselves. The bars are a combination of peanut butter with toasted coconut rolled up into one. You’ll be chewing for days!

8. Needhams Gourmet Chocolate Coconut Candy Bar


Needhams have been around for nearly a century. Their main candy bars consist of potato, coconut, and chocolate, giving the candy bar a unique sweet and rich taste. These are so rare that Amazon only sales these in huge boxes, instead of individual packages.

9. Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Good old taffy, breaking so many teeth for centuries! These Turkish Taffy comes in three flavors, vanilla, banana, and chocolate. Although I don’t really know how they taste, I have had taffy before and it is delicious, so I’m sure they make the “good tasting candy” list. These taffy’s trace back to 1936 created by the Bonomo family of Coney Island.

10. Worthmore Mock Turtle Soup

Mock Turtle Soup

Okay, I admit I was a bit freaked out about this one. I literally thought this was turtle soup before realizing that it wasn’t. According to the ingredients, this soup contains water, beef, catsup, serum, beef heart meat (WHAT), hard-boiled eggs, flour, vinegar, starch, onion, caramel, lemons. No turtles here, phew! This soup traces back to 1920, and it a favorite in Cincinnati. The creator, Phil Hock, was a local butcher, but quickly stopped selling Meat when he noticed how popular his soup was, making it his priority.

11. Sara Lee Small Chocolate Chunk Iced Brownie

Sara Lee Iced Brownies

So it’s no secret Sara Lee has amazing desert products, but apparently, these chunky Iced Brownies were discontinued a while back and are only available through Amazon! They come frozen when ordered, full of dry ice so they won’t melt going your way. What’s better than fudge and chocolate cake? Nothing.

12. Joyva Marshmallow Twists

Joyva Marshmallow Twists

I’m starting to sense a chocolate pattern here! Everyone missed chocolate for some reason. These Marshmallow twists are full of corn syrup, chocolate, and fish gelatin. They sort of look like Twix’s, but don’t be fooled, these have marshmallow instead of caramel.

13. Mallomars Pure Chocolate Cookies

Mallomars Cookies

Mallomars sound delicious! The Nabisco Mallomars are made of pure chocolate and cocoa butter, giving it a full rich flavor. These cookies were said to be popular in the New York Area, that they would be gone by the time they refile the products at local shops. In a way, they kind of remind me of girl scout cookies.

14. Necco Sky Bar

Necco Sky Bar

Is it too cheesy to say that you’ll feel like you’re flying when you eat these? Yes. Oh well…you will! Three bars have remained popular for decades now, and have four great flavored fillings including caramel, peanut vanilla, and fudge.

15. Flipsticks Pink Strawberry Nougat Taffy Candy

Flipsticks Candy

Long live the taffy! The flipsticks are an old time classic candy, also known as the lipstick candy. The good part about Flipsticks is that they come in big bulks and have some in pretty much every flavor! From cherry to watermelon,to yellow banana, you name it, they’re all there!

16. HONEES Cough Drops (Honey Lemon)

Honees Cough Drops

I didn’t think cough drops would make this list, but hey, cough drops can be considered candy right? These cough drops are natural menthol anesthetic and vitamin C, B6, and B12 supplements. So not only are these healthy and help you with a cold, but they have natural ingredients and are delicious!

17. Big Hunk Candy Bars Mini Nougat Taffy Bar

Big Hunk Candy Bar

Big Hunk is a chewy, honey-sweetened nougat bar with roasted peanuts The old-fashioned candy bar is a favorite enjoyed by kids and adults These bars trace back to the 1950s, created by the Annabelle Candy Company.

18. Choward’s Scented Chewing Gum

Choward’s Scented Chewing Gum

Another fan favorite, the gum has a cool refreshing taste it, usually preferred by those who smoke a heavy amount. One gum and it instantly erases any smell. Several users stated the flavor was hard to describe, but it resembled a “flower”. Look at that beautiful packaging tough, I just want to buy all 24 boxes!

19. Sifers Valomilk Old-Fashioned Marshmallow Cup Candy

Sifers Valomilk Old-Fashioned Marshmallow Cup Candy

The old-fashioned marshmallow cup candy is made with a touch of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Can you imagine that wonderful flavor? Amazing! The company is owned by the Sifers, a small family who owns and operates a candy company in Kansas.

20. Necco Clark Bars

Necco Clark Bars

These Necco Clark Bars go back to the roaring ’50s, being the perfect milk chocolate coated outside with a peanut butter crunch inside! How delicious does that sound? They are similar to Butterfinger but the chocolate is a bit richer and heavier.

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