People are raving about Miller High Life’s festive holiday bottle

Miller high life champagne holiday bottles

Miller High Life is taking their slogan “The Champagne of Beers” to a new level this holiday season by selling special-edition champagne bottles of the brew. For the second year in a row, the 750-milliliter bottles will be available in Chicago, and this year they’re rolling out the one-of-a-kind cold ones in Milwaukee.

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The bottles will feature a gold wrapping around the top with the logo “the champagne of beers” imprinted on a red label. Miller High Life’s brand manager Taylor Brown explained in a blog post, “It’s a perfect shareable bottle, and we know the holidays are all about sharing beers and fun times with family and friends.” He added, “This is a way to remind drinkers that we truly are the champagne of beers.”

When the brand unveiled the bottles last year, they flew off the shelves, and Miller has definitely taken the hint — they say that if the sales are successful this year, they’ll expand into even more markets. As an added bonus, the bottles won’t burn a hole in your pocket; they’re selling for $1.99 individually or $22.99 for a 12-pack.

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Miller High Life has a long history in Milwaukee, as the brand launched there in 1903. According to their website, High Life was first served in the Wisconsin city, which has a rich history in the wide world of beer.

When it first came out, the beer was even sold in champagne bottles. They released it on Dec. 30, just in time for the new year. From the beginning, they touted themselves as the “champagne of bottle beer,” and the slogan first appeared on the bottles in 1954, though it was in advertisements much earlier. Their mascot — a girl raising a glass of the fine drink while sitting on a crescent moon, hasn’t changed in the century that they’ve been in business.

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