This Pineapple Hack Proves There’s An Easier Way To Eat Fruit

When it comes to preparing a fruit salad or platter, pineapples top the list as one of the most annoying fruits to cut. They have eyes that never get completely cut, their core is tough, and sometimes the outside skin can cut your hands. It’s a fruit I’d gladly pay a few extra dollars to buy at the store pre-chopped, however, this one pineapple hack has shown that I (and according to the comments, everyone else) have been eating pineapple wrong my entire life. May I introduce you to this genius pineapple pull-apart hack.

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The hack was first shared on the popular social media app, Tiktok, then shared on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the rest of the world.

It looks simple enough, just grab hold on one of the cells of the pineapple and pull, leaving the core intact to the fruit. The reason you can do this is because a pineapple is actually a collection of berries fused on a core base. Pineapples, along with mulberries, raspberries, and breadfruit, are categorized as collective fruit, meaning the fruit is created from a bunch of fruiting flowers fusing together. In other words, every pineapple section is a separate fruit that has grown together.

Most people haven’t had the best luck separating their own pineapples with their fingers. Juice flies, fingernails break, and many are left with a soppy mess. So what gives?

It turns out the pineapple in the video might not be the same kind of pineapple most people can buy in the store. The Bogor, or snack pineapple is a pineapple grown in Okinawa, is known for its sweetness and their ability to be eaten by tearing apart the fruit. In fact, you can even eat the core because it is so tender.

Sorry Americans, it looks like the easiest way to eat pineapple is still from the can.

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